Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frugal and All Natural Home Remedies

Lat night I couldn't sleep because I had a wicked case of the dry winter skin itches. A very good friend of mine told me that you could put oatmeal inside of an old stocking or knee high and tie it up nicely and use it in the bath for itchy skin. Well this turned out to be just the sanity saver that I needed last night and it worked like a charm. This got me thinking about other all- natural, chemical free and of course frugal home remedies and these are the things that came to mind...

Ginger Root for tummie troubles: take a piece of ginger root and grate about 1 tsp or more if you like. boil some water, add grated ginger root, boil about 5 min., set aside and let cool, strain out ginger root and enjoy. It has a tangy lemony flavor. You could also use ginger tablets or ground ginger.

Use Rice to make a heating pad. Use an old tube sock and fill it full of any type of rice you have on hand. Tie a nice tight knot in the top and put in the microwave for a few min. You have an instant heating pad. I have gone a step further in my home and used an old terry cloth robe and sewed up a good size heating pad. These retain heat for quite some time.

Lime Juice for dandruff: Shampoo your have like you normally would and then in the last rinse use some lime juice. This will remove dandruff and make your hair nice and shiny.

Frugal Hot Oil treatment: 2Tbsp. olive oil, 2Tbsp. Veg. oil, heat until just warm. Spread on wet hair, especially around the ends, Wrap your hair in a warm towel (fresh from the dryer) for 30 min to 1hour. shampoo and rinse.

I keep Tea Tree oil on hand for many things to include: head cold or stuffy nose (add a few drops to about 4 cups of warm water, drape your head and bowl with towel and breath deeply),you can add a few drops to your regular shampoo to combat dandruff, add a drop to your skin on a bug bite, Boils, cysts, and acne, use a warm compress to open the pore and them apply tea tree oil directly to the area. Please keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin you may not be able to use tea tree oil. There are hundreds of uses for this oil, but these are some that I actually have used.

These are just a few of the frugal home remedies that I have used. What works for you?

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