Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebrations in life...

Today started out as a yucky rainy day. My little one really needs some time to play outside, and unfortunately the weather has not cooperated lately. I did have one great thing to look forward to today. My oldest son had an awards ceremony today at school. He was awarded: Highest Math Average, Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance. This gave me an opportunity to reward his success and have a nice frugal celebration. My son could not be any happier than to choose homemade cheeseburger pizza and chocolate cake for dinner tonight. We had a nice homemade dinner full of praise and laughter. What did this cost me? Less than $5.00. It really is the little things in life that you remember the most. Before, when I was a busy professional rushing here and there, I am sure he would have received the latest video game or toy. I really believe that this special dinner and the time we spent together this evening will be remembered and appreciated the most. I am also very grateful that I was able to attend his award ceremony. There were many children there who did not have anyone present.

Life is too short to not slow down and enjoy the small pleasures in life. I believe that there are no possessions in life worth having to work yourself to death and miss the pleasure of a simple life. I challenge you to forgo your shopping carts in favor of playing with your children, walking your dog, talking with your spouse, or even make some time for yourself.

I would love to hear some of the frugal ways that you celebrate....

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